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An Apparel Design Approach: 

Textiles, Technology & Teaching


Artist Statement

  An Apparel Design Approach: Textiles, Technology and Teaching is the representation of research and design thinking in the form of a garment collection. The collection is inspired by the technologies researched. These technologies serve to investigate and discover new possibilities for design inspiration and design thinking. The three main technologies are triangulation, body scanning and virtual reality. During her research, Jaclyn looked at the zeitgeist or ‘spirit of the times’ for fashion themes within current culture. She identified themes relevant to fashion such as the Pandemic, Beyonce’s Black is King and Pantone’s Color of the Year.


  The pandemic has shaped the way fashion shows are being held. In the last year, many fashion weeks were held virtually, which led to designers collaborating with digital artists to show their design work on a virtual runway. The Black Lives Matter movement pushed a much-needed voice to the Black community.  Black fashion designers are being featured more than ever in movies, events and magazines. Black is King stylist, Zerina Akers, worked with mostly Black designers in the film. Another theme as always is the Pantone Color of the Year. For 2020, the color was Classic Blue. The color was a ‘familiar, calming shade of azure’. In a time of uncertainties, having a timeless color chosen helps soothe the climate. These are just some of the areas used for inspiration for this project.

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