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Mustard mosaic tiles with different patterns -Monochromatic tile designs to be applied to different dress. Mustard color is similar to my Standing Bhudda picture and one of the four colors I like to work with.

Egyptian gold feathered caped and headdress -Headdress that appears to form a cape. The layered ogee drop is one of the key elements in my dress designs. And of course Elizabeth Taylor classic Hollywood star.

17th century slashed puff sleeves -Slashing technique from the renaissance period allows for background fabric to be seen in the foreground. A style that i like to use in my dresses.

Cuban ruffles. -Layered ruffles are a huge element of my dress designs. The more ruffles the better. The Cuban inspiration adds a feminine element to my designs; with the short skirt in front and the long cascading layers in the back train.

Art Deco patterns -Ogee drop design is seen alot in Art Deco. These designs are classic and clean but add more lines to a simple shape to make them dance.

1920s Nancy Carroll's petal dress -prior to this project I had no idea who Nancy Carroll was but was inspired by her layered dress that are similar to my petals. The background behind her is very art deco along with her hair style.

Art Deco Fashion from Bohemia -Magazine cover, Bohemia, November 24, 1929 from Havana. Combines the slashing of red with sharp lines and angles.

Deep red ogee drop tile. -The original tile design is the element of my first dress of my collection. I thrifted a skirt with this koi fish or scale design that I had a dress out of. Later through this semester of school have learned that the design is called drop ogee.

Ogee drop sequin dress -drop ogee applied to a dress. The design is inlay-ed in the fabric with sequin bead work. The silhouette of the dress is reminiscent of the 1920s drop waist.

Dolce and Gabbana Mosaic textured dress -The main colors of gold and red are two of my main colors in my dress collection. The mosaic style reminds me of the standing Bhudda design. One of my favorite design components.

art deco fabric -Sharp lines paired with organic curves are reminiscent of art decor so is the high and low combinations of color. Gold and grey are used as neutral colors.

Ruffled quilt bed spread -Layers and layers of ruffles which are used in an unique application as a bed spread. These ruffles are the style I use for my dresses. They are small gathered layers that had alot of texture.

Ruffled throw pillow -just like the bed spread these ruffles are tiny but more pleated than gathered. They would look lovely on a full length gown.

Quilted spools -A simple shape that represents a whole craft. Without thread clothing would be hard to piece together. Monochromatic theme for each spool makes them so unique paired with the different textures.

petal dress on julia roberts in Mirror Mirror - I have yet to see this movie but the volume of this dress has the movie to my list. I love the different sizes of all these pointed petals. The different sizes create a different texture even though they are all the same shape.

Marrekesh Morocco tiled pool The water of the pool adds a glossy glaze to the tiles in the pool. compared with the walls of the building which are matte like unglazed clay.

Designer Jasper Conran quilted gown. I love the volume of this dress and it reminds me of a bed, comfy and soft. The colors are high in saturation with different printed fabric. I would love to make 50 of these dresses all from different quilt patterns.

credit: Lily Mazurek

credit: Lily Mazurek

Crochet mandalas -Prior to Camille Hawbaker's presenttation in TMFD 101 I did not know about mandalas so I had to do some research and came across crocheted mandalas. Traditional these mandalas were made daily with sand and would blow away, but these are crafted with yarn and needle and can last a lifetime. I would love to see these made into dresses.

Vintage eyelet ruffles Classic 50s style dress with tiny eyelets. The ruffles give more volume to the eyelets.

garden party floral quilt -A picnic in the park or a tea party with tea cups. I love the small print paired with large print. The shapes are also both small and large.

Pastel floral quilt squares Different patterns for quilts. I love the colors especially the greys with pastels.

Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Mosaic Tile on side on building. I see a quilt design in this tile work. I also love the detailed mosaic work.

Puerto Rico Old San Juan. The pastel colors paired with dark windows remind me of art deco. These buildings are so well kept in this area of Old San Juan. Blocks away we saw the saw style of houses but color lost and balconies falling apart.

Puerto Rico Old San Juan. More colors of Old San Juan streets. Every house was a different color. Every balcony a different iron work design.

Lily pads at Granite City Lincoln Nebraska -Natural patterns in nature are my favorite. These curved circular shapes were the inspiration for my petal dress.

Floor to ceiling drapes at the Dunes club Narragansett RI - This room in the country club was my favorite. The womens card room was bright and delightful. The curtains would make gorgeous dresses.

Upholstery in the card room at the Dunes club Narragansett RI -So much pattern in the card room. The whole room reminded me of the 1950s which is when the interiors were designed and they have not changed since, classic and elegant.

Pokhara Lake Nepal -These boats on the lake were so bright with color paired with their old planked wood. I was surrounded with mountains and sky so the contrast between natural color and artificial color was apparent.

Pokhara Lake Nepal Another view of the foothills of the Himalayas, such a natural spiritual place filled with vibrant colors and people.

Menara Olive Garden Marrakech Morocco This pool was surrounded with Olive Trees. The Atlas Mountains peak out of the background. The water in the pool is like glass so still but when you throw a piece of bread into the water; waves are made by hundreds of huge fish that live beneath that glass.

Medina Market Marrakech Morocco -Market places are filled with inspirations in the Medina they had everything from food to dry goods. These piles are made of spices perfectly apex as if glued together not touched.

Floating Damnoen Saduak Market Bangkok Thailand -A market place of a different culture that floated between boats. Each boat was selling something different. the shapes and textures of some of the fruits and vegetables were unlike anything I have seen before.

Bangkok Thailand A pool of gold fish underneath huge plant leaves. These patterns from the leaves remind me of slashing with another color popping from behind.

Wat Indraviharn Standing Bhudda Bangkok Thailand -105 Feet Tall Standing Bhudda and a zoom lense that captured the mosaic of this structure. Thailand and this picture were the start of my hunt for patterns.

Anantara Bangkok Riverside -These flags lined the dock of the Chao Phraya River which was filthy and mysterious. These flags were strong and bold. They remind me of slashing technique.

Anantara Bangkok Riverside - The beginning of the petal technique for my dresses. The green is so crisp. I love the contrast of the curved lines of the lily pads with the sharp pointed lines of the flowers.

Seven Mile Beach Negril Jamaica The sun shining through this palm tree made the green color turn lime. These leaves remind me of the layers of ruffles.

Seven Mile Beach Negril Jamaica Everything is so still in a photo, but the palm tree in the background tell another story. There was hurricane coming. This photo also reminds me of the boats at Pakhara, Bright bold colors against natural colors of sand, water and rock.

Las Vegas Airport Among the luggage carousels surround these towers of suitcases. I imagine all the luggage left behind from all the travelers throughout the decades. Each one telling a story.

Las Vegas Bar Geode rocks inlay the counter of a bar in Vegas. Monochromatic blues with a light from behind. The surface was very smooth just as I imagine the rocks.

Sahara Hotel Las Vegas -The balcony of my hotel room. I loved the patterned which always changed with the day and night.

Omaha Nebraska

Cahuita national park Costa Rica -Natural purple in the dense trees along the pacific ocean.

Cahuita national park Costa Rica -This palm tree branches form a weaving pattern at their base. The separating leaves creates the slashing technique that I oh so love.

Cahuita national park Costa Rica All the signs to all the local places along the road. Each on was unique with shapes and different colors.

Cahuita national park Costa Rica -I imagine a gown full of these fern shapes coming out of the hips of a dress.

Octoberfest Germany The layers of blue and white in the ceiling creates a slashing effect. Even in the mist of all the singing and clanking I find the patterns an textures for dresses.

Schloss Hohenschwangau Bavaria Germany -The window treatments of the windows are blue and white stripes. A Bavarian tradition of color for the region.

Walhalla from the Danube River -The lines in the pillars remind me of slashing and stairs remind me of ruffles. An angelic color against the hillside and sky.

Guardian angel in Walhalla Regensberg Germany -The drapery in the angels dress inspires me of purity of fabric and they way fabric can be manipulated. She has a lovely gathered ruffle effect on her sleeves.

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